May 2, 2011 |

Want to make movies with me in Israel?

I need your help.

There is an adventure inside each bottle of wine I import. 

I mean it.

Hand-made wines contain stories about their place, and their people and about the specific challenge of a particular vintage and how it was overcome.

Nothing is better at capturing such stories to share with on-line friends than videos from the region.

Sometimes these stories get lost behind the wine, stuck inside the bottle. They're like genies needing someone to rub their bottle so they can break loose and reveal themselves.

So....I am teaming up with my import pals from Negev Nectars to hire this summer a videographer based in Israel to work with us to tell the stories of the farmers and winemakers (the best winemakers are farmers, too, by the way) we work with.

Can you help us?

Here's a little write-up my pal Caitlin from Negev Nectars penned describing what we're looking for:

"We are searching for a videographer/content developer to create a series of videos for our website. The candidate must provide their own equipment and have the ability to travel around Israel and visit each of the farms/wineries that we import products from, as well as perform video shoots alone (or with minimal support). Each video should contain interviews, tours, highlight the production process and final product, and be less than three minutes in length. The candidate should be experienced at sourcing music and editing music into video as appropriate. Fluency in both Hebrew and English is a must."

Got it?

Email me if you know someone or are someone who can do this up in a BIG way for us...the farmers and winemakers of Israel deserve to have their stories told.

or call me 866-469-8708


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@ Jan 11, 2012 at 3:04 PM
Hi, My friend is a very famous political activist against the Islamic Regime in Iran! He wants to make a documentary movie about the situation in Iran and political relations between Iran and Israel and also Holocaust. Where should he search for support? Do you know any organization in Israel to help him to get the enough budget to make this film?!

If you can help us to find a source to supply the financial costs to make this film, please send me an Email:


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