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About Us

About Israeli Wine Direct (IWD)


 Israel makes headlines almost daily with news related to the political troubles in the Middle East, giving the impression that it is a dangerous place to visit. In fact, Israel is a safe tourist destination and in the last 20 years has also become a compelling option for wine tourism. When people get excited about the Israeli wine scene, they experience the real Israel. Where else can one experience a visit to a great historical site in the morning followed by a wine tasting at a boutique winery in the afternoon? Truly a world class cultural vacation!
Israel is actually wine’s birthplace… and most people don't even realize it! After 2000 years Israel was re-born and its wine history is re-blossoming! Our mission is not only to introduce you to great-tasting Israeli wines, but also to inform you of the original Israeli wine expertise from antiquity that has continued into modern times. Click the History tab for an overview with links to further information.
Part of our mission is to help broaden people's understanding of what Israel is all about. A small handful of large commercial Israeli wineries account for 80% of the wine exported to the US. There are also about 300 boutique wineries producing great Israeli wines in relatively small quantities. Our mission is to identify the best and bring high-quality wines you’ve never heard of to your attention. Wines with a STORY! By controlling wine selection, marketing strategy, and distribution, IWD keeps the winery and winemaker central, allowing them to TELL THEIR STORY and allowing you to buy great wines as DIRECT as possible!
1. To put Israeli Boutique Wines ON THE MAP as a trademark known for quality.
2. To have these wines in their rightful place on the wine lists of the best US restaurants.
3. To have Israel (not just Kosher)as country selection in Wine stores; like Portugal, Greece, France or Spain.