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Agur Winery

West of nearby Jerusalem are the gentle sloping Judean hills and biblical Ella Valley which
are the setting of the Agur winery. Agur is an ancient wine-growing region. Many sites attest
to the presence of oil and wine presses from the First and Second Temple, the Roman
periods and more modern times.
The winemaker and the owner of the winery is Shuki Yashuv. Shuki is a very spiritual
winemaker who traveled the world and he is a highly decorated veteran of the IDF who
fought in the Yom Kippur war.
The winemaking for Shuki is a passion and a way of life. He speaks many different
languages and he is constantly learning, experimenting and improving his processes of wine
Agur is named after Moshav Agur. The winery began 14 years ago with a single plot making
a couple of thousand bottles has grown. Today, Agur produces nearly 30,000 bottles of four
types of wine described above. The current installations allow for further growth. The first
fully Kosher production was the 2007 vintage.
The winery has its own vineyards and uses grapes from nearby Ella Valley.
The winery is advancing from harvest to harvest, improving and perfecting its quality and
distinctive taste. With many awards for its outstanding brands and growing demand for its
wines, Agur was exported for the first time in 2006 to the United States.





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