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Midbary Winery

Midbar Winery in Arad, was established to develop, promote and celebrate winemaking in the Negev desert.
Midbar is the Hebrew word for desert. The winery is located in the northern Negev, in Arad, and the vineyards, near the Ramon Crater, typically over 800 meters above sea level, and benefit from the Negev’s unique terroir. The white top soil reflects the sun’s rays onto the vines and the hot, dry climate, with its dramatic and rapid variations in temperature between day and night, and between winter and summer, develop grapes of unique characteristics – with high natural levels of acidity and a unique array of aromas and flavors.
Limited edition wines is Midbar’s specialty and expertise. Midbar Winery produces 50,000 bottles per annum.
Midbar’s winemaker, is Shachar Landman who graduated in Oenology & Viticulture at the University of Florence, Italy. His advisor is Diego Ciurletti, from  Panzano-in-Chianti

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