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Your behind-the-scenes look into Israeli Wine Direct and the re-emerging Israeli wine scene!

January 17, 2011 |

Now What?

A few updates for you as we start 2011!

First, we are about to ship a container of wine from israel any day now. As of this moment, here's what's on the boat:

Pelter Unoaked Chardonnay 2010

Pelter Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Pelter Trio 2009

Pelter Cabernet / Shiraz 2008 *NEW WINE*

Shvo Rose 2009 *NEW WINE* (100% Barbera native fermention wine) can expect 2011 to be the year of winery/winemaker pictures and video from me that will take you behind-the-scenes into the leading boutiques in the re-emerging Israeli wine world. I know I have said this before and this year we will do it right!

And...I am excited for the first time to be partnered up with a pal and colleague Peter Izzo (more from him later) who is both Israeli Wine Direct's first outside investor and will now be an active marketing partner with me. Peter lives in the West Village in Manhattan. Together we will grow the footprint of Israeli wine in the US so Buckle Up!

You will likely hear more about new team members and fun alliances during 2011, also, in places like Texas and California.

Finally, I am actively sourcing more wines to add to the portfolio from Israeli wineries now so PLEASE keep the recommendations flowing. I like small, family-owned under-the-radar outstanding wineries from the Galilee and Judean Hills who are playing with grape varieties well beyond Cabernet Sauvignon, making terroir-driven wines...and even better if they are at least experimenting with practices like dry-farming and native yeast fermentations.

The goal for me is finding WINES THAT TASTE LIKE A PLACE.

So, help me with suggestions of wineries you know and love.

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